Establish trust. Satisfy clients.

Since the foundation in 1974, We have been striving continuously to meet our client’s expectations and demands.
Even in the time of “reformation”, where productivity improvement and cost reduction are required in every industry and business field, we have extended our business to Shanghai, now marking 25 years, to open new possibilities for the future and to reinforce our competitiveness.
Considering various reasons and opportunities, we have also established the branch in Myanmar (as of July, 2014).
We aim to pursue further improvement of product development, unit price and technique in a global perspective to increase customer satisfaction.
In order to achieve that, we follow our motto "promptness, accuracy, challenge, awareness, consciousness and purpose" and we are determined to foster energetic corporate culture in order to create innovative changes and continue sincere and reliable business based on fairness and respect for people.
Thank you for your further guidance and continuous support.

CEO Yoshiki Iwata

Our Motto

"promptness, accuracy, challenge, awareness, consciousness and purpose"

  • Challenge new possibilities.
  • Think and act spontaneously.
  • Fulfill our duty with responsibility.
  • Realize dreams and prosperity through fair business activities.
  • Respect people, sincerity and reliability.
  • Foster energetic corporate culture to create innovative changes.