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Features of Apparel Business

We are capable of producing any type of clothing from Lady’s, Men’s to Kid’s, including secondary fabrication in China and Myanmar.
As we also have our individual procurement route and material development system, please feel free to ask or request any materials of your choice.

Furthermore, we have the experienced designers who is dedicated to the apparel field in Japan and they're researching and analysing the latest trends on a daily basis.
Therefore, we can propose the best plan which meets the client's needs and make the samples and bulk production smoothly and provide the high quality products.

Main Products

・T-shirt, Pants, Sweatshirt, Loungewear etc.
・Thin fabric

Please feel free to ask about any other products.


Contact us

  • Osaka head office Tel: 81-6-6352-3201
  • Tokyo office Tel: 81-3-6380-6241