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Features of Secondary Fashion Material Business

In the business of secondary fashion materials, we place our production bases in the suburbs of Shanghai
and have organized systems of production widely.
Deliveries can be made directly to garment factories in China owned by other apparel companies, and to every other country in Asia.
Our strength is to propose plans as a whole to meet our client's needs and to provide service consisting thorough process
from designing data, pruduciton, inspection to delivery becased on our experienced knowledge.

Main Products

・Labels (Woven label, Printed label)
・Care label
・Hang tags (Brand tag, Price tag, Attention tag)
・Stickers (Brand sticker, Price sticker, Transfer sticker)
・RFID tag, RFID sticker
・Packages (Film package)
・Boxes (Paper box, PET box, PP box)
・Hangers (Plastic hanger, Paper hanger)
・Webbings (Plain woven webbing, Satin webbing, Grosgrain webbing, Cords)


Contact us

  • Osaka head office Tel: 81-6-6352-3201
  • Tokyo office Tel: 81-3-6380-6241