Fulfilling Production and Supply Network in China and Southeast Asia(ASEAN).

20 years have passed since we have established a wholly owned factory in Shanghai.
We plan, produce and trade apparel including secondary fashion materials such as tags, stickers, hangers, bags and fashion goods.
We aim to maintain stable quality for meeting our client's expectations by well-managed quality control.
In recent years, we have established wholly owned factory in Myanmar as well for increasing customer satisfaction.
Through procuring materials in China and Southeast Asia, we strive to supply not only domestic but global markets with high quality products.

Proficient Production Management System as OEM/ODM Company.

We pursue product development and quality enhancement by fully using our proficient technique and knowledge from planning to producing.
We have a professional team for secondary fabrication including material procurement, embroidery and print, and we use only the products which passed the standard of inspection authorities in Japan.
In addition, QC team controls production lines of joint and subcontract factories, needless to say our domestic factories for increasing quality.

Sophisticated Quality

We have designers in Osaka and Tokyo, who research and analyse market trends to meet the customer's needs.
The designers also have the abounding knowledge about the production not only designs, and they share information with the staff in the production site to maintain the quality.

Production Flow

1. Request... We will inquire requests such as product form, material, quantity and price.
2. Plan Proposal... If required, we will propose plans based on face-to-face meetings.
3. Produce Samples... We will prepare sample items and provide an estimate.
4. Production and Processing... Once the specification is fixed, we will commence production after making contract and receiving the official order.
5. Delivery... When the production is completed, the products will be inspected and delivered to the desired location.


Contact us

  • Osaka head office Tel: 81-6-6352-3201
  • Tokyo office Tel: 81-3-6380-6241